Similarly to Togo, OPS Global Risk Management have been established in Benin since 2011 and we have since built solid relationships with the local armed forces and agents. Consequently, our rates and level of service are unparalleled, and we can quickly facilitate the embarkation of an Armed Security team, meaning that our Clients’ vessels spend less time waiting, and more time achieving their objectives securely.

We can provide a range of services to vessels in Benin waters, from unarmed Security Advisors, to armed local 4 man teams or a combination of both, tailored to your Vessel’s requirements and budget.


  • Keep your people, and your vessels and their cargo, safer.
  • Increase the loyalty of your clients and stakeholders through greater confidence in your risk management and planning capability.
  • Avoid excessive insurance costs.
  • Respond more quickly to events, reducing delays and cost overruns.
  • No need to rely on third parties, or laborious reporting routines.
  • Plan.  Monitor.  Safeguard your business.

OPS Global Risk Management