Building on our experience and expertise in vessel security, OPS have developed a capability to safeguard port facilities. We have hand-picked and trained a cadre of Port Security Officers, who operate to the same high standards as all OPS personnel.

When formulating a port security plan, the first step is to carry out an audit of the current arrangements. Our Port Security Officers will examine every aspect of your operation, assessing risks, and highlighting areas of concern. They will then use their experience and expertise to help you create a plan that addresses those concerns, and provides the right level of stability and security for the port facility.


The critical element of any security plan is the capability of the security personnel on the ground. OPS can help to train your team in the techniques and processes necessary for effective implementation of a port security plan. All our training is delivered to the standards you would expect, consistent with internationally -recognised benchmarks, using industry-leading methods. Once through the training and implementation phase, we offer operational audits, helping you to close the gap between the plan and its execution. 


Our professional, highly trained OPS staff will ensure all possible risks are anticipated and mitigated to ensure client peace of mind.


  • Keep your people, and your vessels and their cargo, safer.
  • Increase the loyalty of your clients and stakeholders through greater confidence in your risk management and planning capability.
  • Avoid excessive insurance costs.
  • Respond more quickly to events, reducing delays and cost overruns.
  • No need to rely on third parties, or laborious reporting routines.
  • Plan.  Monitor.  Safeguard your business.

OPS Global Risk Management