The West Africa High-Risk Area (HRA) within the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) is a complex, shifting environment. Not only does it have the highest number of reported piracy attacks in the world, but the situation is further complicated by a variety of maritime based crime. The governments whose coastlines border the GoG have limited resources and capabilities to prevent or respond to illegal activity.

In such an environment, experience and detailed local knowledge are critical to effective risk mitigation strategies. OPS have been operating in this region for several years, we operate through a regional management facility locally which is able to respond and cover the entire region. We have successfully completed more than 1000 complex operations throughout the area, and are able to mobilise at short notice. OPS use our extensive experience and understanding to assist clients in completing effective and robust risk mitigation plans.


Operating in the West Africa HRA requires in depth understanding of the particular requirements of the local regional states, their navies and or coastguards with emphasis on methods and expectations of how they interact. OPS have made major investments both financially and in time to ensure that we have all legal requirements and obligations in place to operate in compliance with national and regional requirements and expectations. We have appropriate 24-hour legal support and our capabilities cover West African nations from Senegal in the North to Namibia in the South. In addition to the above, we use our bespoke, high-tech Operations Platform COMPASS and experienced Operations Team to provide 24/7 vessel support. This allows us to maintain a round-the-clock capability analysis whilst being ready to react to any incident.


We offer a diverse range of risk mitigation solutions, depending on a vessel’s individual risk profile or needs and on the specific area in which a vessel will be operating. Local naval personnel, British and or European liaison officers, or a combination of the two are most commonly used. Given the intricacy of risk profiles and locations we can also provide local naval gunboat escorts. Whichever solution is most appropriate, OPS has the expertise and local presence to arrange, manage and coordinate the entire operation on behalf of our client.


  • Keep your people, and your vessels and their cargo, safer.
  • Increase the loyalty of your clients and stakeholders through greater confidence in your risk management and planning capability.
  • Avoid excessive insurance costs.
  • Respond more quickly to events, reducing delays and cost overruns.
  • No need to rely on third parties, or laborious reporting routines.
  • Plan.  Monitor.  Safeguard your business.

OPS Global Risk Management