General Advisory - Libyan Waters

September 29, 2017
Michael Cleary

General Warning – Libyan Waters


This year the centre has received three reported incidents in/off Libya. All related to detention by armed persons who had forced the ships to sail to Libya.


Below are the incidents reported:


28.02.2017 : 1616 UTC : 32:59 n -  012:03 e : around 1.13 nm ne of Libya coast, Libya. Product tanker GRT 1949 : while at anchor, the tanker was boarded and detained by armed persons. They demanded money for safe release of the tanker. Four crew were taken ashore.


29.08.2017 : 2303 UTC : 36:02 n  -  013:14 e : around 189 nm north of Tripoli, Libya ( OPL Malta ), product tanker GRT 797:  while underway, armed persons introduced as Libyan coast guard boarded the tanker underway. They detained the tanker and forced the crew to sail the tanker to Tripoli, Libya. The crew were taken ashore and detained in jail.


24.09.2017 : 0648 UTC : 32:55n -  023:26 e: around 42 nm ENE of Derna, Libya , bulk carrier GRT 24785  :  a speed boat with seven to 10 persons onboard tried to stop the ship claiming to be 'coast guard' inspection. The ship raised the alarm, increased speed and took evasive manoeuvres to avoid boarding. The speed boat fired at the ship with guns and rockets. The ship managed to prevent the boarding and continued her passage to a safe port. All crew safe


Vessels are advised to stay well clear of Libyan coast and maintain maximum CPA with any vessels acting suspiciously.


Maintain strict anti-piracy watch.  Early assessment / detection will allow ships to take evasive measures to prevent boarding and request for assistance.


Source: IMB



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