Gulf of Aden: Maritime Security Alerts 17-May-17

May 17, 2017
Michael Cleary

Date: 16/05/2017             Time: UNKNOWN

Lat: 14°03.00   North       Long: 051°35.00   East


Event: General Alert


Gulf of Aden

It has been reported to the UKMTO that three Dhows have been stopped and boarded in the Gulf of Aden, approximately 73.4nm South-southeast of Sayhut, Yemen. Following several reported sightings of the Dhows, Indian Naval patrol vessels in the area were able to locate and then board the suspicious vessels. A full search was conducted and a cache of various weapons was discovered and confiscated. No arrests were reported.


Date: 17/05/2017             Time: 0530LT

Lat: 14°41.15   North       Long: 051°03.43   East


Event: General Alert


Gulf of Aden

UKMTO have been informed by a Master that he was approached to within 1NM. The Master stated that 7 skiffs approached from both his port and starboard quarters and each skiff had 4 to 5 persons on board, they continued to follow the reporting vessel for 30 minutes before ceasing their attempts. The Master requested to UKMTO that no further information was shared. Vessel reported as safe.


Vessels within a 100 nautical mile radius should increase their anti-piracy deterrents in line with Best Management Practices 4. This should include increased twenty four hour anti-piracy watch keeping and radar monitoring. Vessel hardening should be checked and where appropriate bolstered.



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