Nigeria: Pirate Attack 11-Aug-17

August 12, 2017
Michael Cleary

Date: 11-Aug-17                               Time: 0200LT

Lat: 05°00.00   North                        Long: 005°30.00   East


Event: Pirate Attack


Delta State, Nigeria       

It has been reported that a tug boat was attacked whilst underway, approximately 1nm Northeast of Ogbotobo. Between five and seven armed pirates boarded the tug and were able to kidnap the Captain and two other crew members. Prior to this incident, the same group of pirates are also reported to have attacked several passenger boats in the same area and escape after stealing the outboard engines


Vessels within a 100 nautical mile radius should increase their anti-piracy deterrents in line with Best Management Practices 4. This should include increased twenty four hour anti-piracy watch keeping and radar monitoring. Vessel hardening should be checked and where appropriate bolstered.


Source: Clearwater



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