Security Alert: Indian Ocean 03/04/2017

April 3, 2017
Ocean Protection Services

Gulf of Aden It has been reported that a Dhow has been hijacked whilst underway near Socotra Island, exact position has yet to be confirmed. The Dhow was transiting from Dubai to Bosaso when armed pirates managed to board. The Dhow has been taken to the area of Eyl, the pirates are still onboard and they have demanded a ransom.

Date: 03/04/2017

Time: 0530UTC

Lat: 13°10.00 North

Long: 043°03.00 East

Event: Suspicious Approach

Bab el Mandeb

The Master of a Cargo Vessel has sent an email to UKMTO reporting he was approached by six suspicious skiffs. The report states that the skiffs were light blue in colour and had five persons on board each. Ladders and hooks were sighted. The armed security team made their presence aware and the vessels alarm was raised. After two to three minutes the skiffs ceased their approach and the reporting vessel continued on her passage. The UKMTO have re-iterated that the advice previously issued remains applicable; Masters should consider increasing vigilance within the Bab el Mandeb. The farthest possible distance from the Yemen Coast should be maintained. The Bab el Mandeb should be transited during daylight hours and that the western TSS is used where possible.



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