Suspected Pirate Mother Vessel Sighted off Nigeria 08/03/2017

March 8, 2017
Michael Cleary

Date: 08/03/2017             Time: Unknown AM

Lat: 03°15.00 North         Long: 003°56.00 East

Event: General Alert

Gulf of Guinea

OPS Global Risk Management has received a report of a possible mother vessel that is operating deep offshore, Bayelsa. The Swordfish 5 tug boat was reported as hijacked in February 2017 and has been spotted early this morning approximately 35nm West from the attack detailed on 08/03/2017. These reports are unconfirmed by NIMASA and therefore this alert will be classified as a general alert until firm confirmation is received. OPS Global Risk Management will keep you informed accordingly.


Vessels within a 100 nautical mile radius should increase their anti-piracy deterrents in line with Best Management Practices 4. This should include increased twenty four hour anti-piracy watch keeping and radar monitoring. Vessel hardening should be checked and where appropriate bolstered.

Source: Clearwater



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